Scarborough North & South State Beach Complex (1937)

Scarborough North State Beach Historic

Scarborough Beach is Rhode Island’s most popular and well known beach. Located 35 miles south of Providence on Ocean Road in Narragansett, it is a 26 acre facility with 2,325 feet of beach frontage.

Scarborough was originally developed in 1937. It has long been known as the principal destination for a "day at the beach" for thousands of Rhode Islanders over the years.

With the acquisition of Olivio's and Lido’s beaches to the south of Scarborough, the State of Rhode Island now has an additional 16 acres and over 1,000 feet of beach frontage for expanding the saltwater recreational facilities at Scarborough. After many years of use, the State in 1987, embarked on a multiphase/multimillion dollar restoration and redevelopment project for Olive's and Lido’s beaches, now referred to as the Scarborough South. With the addition of Olivio's and Lido's beaches, it brought the total acreage of Scarborough State Beach to 59.7 acres, and .85 of a mile of shoreline.

The State of Rhode Island has one of the finest, if not, the best saltwater beach and recreational facility in Southeastern New England. It is hoped that this facility will help to maintain the positive image of Rhode Island’s saltwater beaches, and to continue to provide, not only to this generation but future generations of Rhode Islanders, a quality experience for a "day at the beach".

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