A group of warmly dressed group of hikers walk along a solid rock with a green backdrop of trees and brush at Lincoln Woods State Park

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Learn more about operational changes and safety guidelines at our beautiful state parks, beaches, and campgrounds.

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State beaches: All state beaches are following regular off-season operations. In the off-season, all gates and parking lots remain open except in cases of extreme weather events like hurricanes. Portajohns are available at most locations and will remain as weather conditions allow. State beach parking passes for the 2024 season will be available for purchase online starting January 2, 2024.

For information on the East Beach Sand Trail in Charlestown, including pricing, equipment requirements, and other regulations regarding barrier beach permits, visit the CRMC website.

State parks: All state parks are open and operating under regular operations.

State campgrounds: All state campgrounds are following regular off-season operations. Book your 2024 season stay here.

Golf: The Goddard Memorial Golf Course is closed for the season.

RI Naturalist Program: The Beavertail Aquarium is closed for the season.

If you have a specific question/concern, please contact us at DEM.RIparks@dem.ri.gov.

Outdoor Safety Tips

Rhode Island's network of state parks, beaches, and campgrounds welcome close to 9 million visitors each year. Are you planning a visit? Knowing these safety tips will help you have a safe, fun, and relaxing time.


Current Air Quality


A contractor has begun abatement of hazardous building materials including asbestos at the building that was once stables at Brenton Point State Park in Newport, locally known as “The Bells.” This work is being performed through a permit from the @Rhode Island Department of Health in preparation for eventual demolition of the structural remnants. During the abatement process and upcoming demolition work, the site is not available to the public. The abatement phase of the work will likely continue into January. Once abatement is complete, the demolition phase will begin. DEM anticipates that the demolition of the building remnants will begin in January. The schedule may be affected by weather.

Prior to initiating this phase of the project, DEM received authorization from the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) to move from the historic resource assessment phase to the demolition phase after the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission (RIHPHC) determined that the historical resource materials provided by DEM’s historic preservation consultants were sufficient with State Archival standards to prepare the required historic archive materials for the building remnants. This work entailed the creation of an archival record including photographs to ensure that preservationists and historians can continue to study the structure after it’s been demolished, and to officially document its history. Preparation of the historic archive materials is taking place concurrently with the site work. Another planned remediation step includes the installation of interpretative signage connecting the site to the Ocean Drive Historic District.

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