A group of warmly dressed group of hikers walk along a solid rock with a green backdrop of trees and brush at Lincoln Woods State Park

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Learn more about operational changes and safety guidelines at our beautiful state parks, beaches, and campgrounds.

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State beaches:  Now is the time to get your state beach parking passes for the 2024 season. All state beaches are following regular off-season operations. Roger Wheeler and Scarborough North State Beaches will open for the season on weekends only starting May 11. All state beaches, except for Scarborough Sorth, including freshwater swimming areas open daily for the season on May 25. Scarborough South will open for the season on June 15. In the off-season, all gates and parking lots remain open except in cases of extreme weather events like hurricanes. Portajohns are available at most locations and will remain as weather conditions allow. 

For information on the East Beach Sand Trail in Charlestown including pricing, equipment requirements, and other regulations regarding barrier beach permits is available on the CRMC website.

State parks: All state parks are open and operating under regular operations. 

State campgrounds: Burlingame, Fishermen's Memorial, George Washington, and Charlestown Breachway are open for the season as of April 13. East Beach State Campground opens on May 25. Book your 2024 season stay here.

Golf: The Goddard Memorial Golf Course is open for the season as of April 1.

RI Naturalist Program: The Beavertail Aquarium is currently closed for the season, but will reopen soon!

If you have a specific question/concern, please contact us at DEM.RIparks@dem.ri.gov.

Outdoor Safety Tips

Rhode Island's network of state parks, beaches, and campgrounds welcome close to 9 million visitors each year. Are you planning a visit? Knowing these safety tips will help you have a safe, fun, and relaxing time.


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Location: Goddard Memorial State Park, 1095 Ives Rd, Warwick, RI 02818

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