Quiet Fireworks at Beavertail State Park

Quiet Fireworks at Beavertail State Park


Location: Beavertail Rd, Jamestown, RI

Aiming to provide all members of the public with access to public spaces to do things they enjoy, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is inviting persons with hearing and sensory sensitivities to a "quiet fireworks" display Tuesday, July 4, at Beavertail State Park in Jamestown.

From their perch at Beavertail, viewers may enjoy the City of Newport's annual Fourth of July display that's held across Narragansett Bay at another DEM property — Fort Adams State Park — with less noise exposure. Depending on weather and atmospheric conditions, the explosions of fireworks can be heard many miles away, so the viewing event at Beavertail will not be noiseless. However, the increased distance from Newport will allow viewers to enjoy the sparkle of the fireworks at much-reduced noise levels.

DEM's Division of Parks and Recreation has organized this event for patrons with hearing and sensory sensitivities. Leashed dogs are allowed if the leash is no longer than six feet. Children must be always accompanied by an adult. The viewing is wheelchair-accessible and stroller-friendly. During mosquito season, visitors are encouraged to use mosquito repellant to help protect themselves from mosquito bites. Patrons should consider bringing a flashlight, as the bathroom facilities at this location do not have lighting available. 

The Beavertail Aquarium will extend its regular hours to 9 PM so patrons can explore marine life common to Rhode Island’s waters with interactive crafts and activities including a bioluminescent comb jellyfish demonstration before the fireworks begin. The event is for all ages and physical abilities.

Event Type: Featured Naturalist Program