Surf State Lifeguard Certification Testing


Location: NEW LOCATION! Roger Wheeler State Beach, Narragansett


Individuals interested in working as a lifeguard in the State of Rhode Island must become certified by the Rhode Island State Parks as either a Surf or Non-Surf lifeguard to work at a waterfront facility. The testing consists of a series of mock rescues and an endurance swim.

THIS DATE IS FOR SURF-CERTIFICATION. Surf Certified Lifeguards can work at any type of swimming facility in the state.

Learn more about the State Pool Lifeguard Certification Process at

**NOTE: Due to the expected high surf at Scarborough North, the location of this test has been moved to Roger Wheeler State Beach in Narragansett. Time slots for candidates who have made reservations will remain the same.

Event Type: Surf State Lifeguard Certification Test Dates